Philip Wilkinson – Principal

Designing prominent mixed-use destinations around the world, Philip Wilkinson is one of the leading architects in retail-centered and large-scale master planning. He leads teams that design complex master plans and retail destinations that attract residents and visitors alike to engage, shop, and explore. Throughout Philip’s career, he has worked closely with developers to create highly desirable and profit-generating developments including Hudson Yards (New York, NY), Miami Worldcenter (Miami, FL), Northfield Town Center (Denver, CO), The Galleria at Sowwah Square (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Hilltown Shopping Center (Istanbul), Al Maryah Center (Abu Dhabi, UAE) while at Elkus Manfredi, and Meydan One (Dubai, UAE) at AE7.

Philip helps to evaluate the feasibility of the development by collaborating with developers from conceptualization of the project. He is able to proactively evaluate existing characteristics of the site and assess its compatibility with the program, allowing investors to generate proforma and make decisions more efficiently. This further aids in financing and marketing efforts for the development.

Philip has a strong understanding of consumer psychology and market trends. As the retail industry evolves and can no longer function as a standalone domain, Philip crafts solutions that are different and engaging – attracting shoppers to the development and enticing them to stay.  He understands the advantages that ‘brick and mortar’ offers in contrast to the online shopping experience and capitalizes on those strengths to create a well performing retail destinations in the age when many proclaim that the malls are dying. Retail centered mixed-use developments created by Philip and his team become destinations for the community as well as tourists.