Fuad Mohammad

Fuad Mohammad

Principal, Head of Infrastructure, Board of Directors


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Alabama, USA
Degree of Associate in Arts, North Eastern Ok, A&M College, USA


Society of Engineers, UAE
The Institution of Engineers, Australia
Society of Engineers. Kuwait
Society of Engineers, Jordan
Registered Engineer by DM, UAE


Head of AE7’s Infrastructure team, Fuad has worked in the Dubai area for many years providing both regional government departments and strategic planning authorities simple yet refined solutions to the challenges that arise. As one of Fuad’s strongest motivators, these challenges push him to constantly explore new solutions and think bigger than “what has worked before.” His solutions are rooted in the best value for his clients, offering flexible, innovative results.

Fuad’s role is centered around building strong relationships with clients that are grounded in mutual trust and understanding. It is one of the aspects of his job that he enjoys most. Equipped with his holistic understanding of infrastructure design, Fuad skillfully leads his team with emphasis on collaborative teamwork. He leads his team of infrastructure engineers in coordination with all disciplines and authorities to develop the most efficient, safe, and reliable designs that expertly meet the demands of each project.

He believes that patience is one of the most important qualities to master in this role, something he has demonstrated consistently throughout his career. He strives to learn more and more each day, as he recognizes that each generation comes equipped with new ideas that translate to unique, innovative solutions.