George Girgis

George Girgis

Principal, Practice Director, Board of Directors


Bachelor of Architecture, Cairo University, Egypt, 1994


Society of Engineers, UAE


LEED 2.0 Accredited Professional, USGBC, USA
Syndicate of Engineers, Egypt


George is a Principal and a member of the AE7 leadership team with almost 20 years of hands-on experience in North America and the Middle East.  He is heavily involved in the vision business plan of the firm, including short term and long term planning. Possessing excellent management and organizational skills, George has a proven track record of successfully completing and delivering complex luxury projects such as Sofitel Palm Jumeirah Resort, Motor City’s Control Tower, and Sun City Developments in Japan. George utilizes his broad range of design, technical, and commercial experience to efficiently navigate projects through their different phases, producing the required deliverable’s. His invaluable contributions through efficient work with clients, authorities, and team members ensure all parties’ satisfaction within the limits of realistic expectations. George’s philosophy is “No time to argue. Just make it happen.”