Ibrahim Altahan

Ibrahim Altahan

Principal, IT Director, Board of Directors


Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto, 1996
Diploma in Computer Network Administration, CDI College, 1997


Certified Oracle Database Administrator, 2002


With over 15 years of experience in Network Administration and IT support, Ibrahim’s role as IT Director is crucial to the day-to-day operations of the firm. Ibrahim is primarily involved with IT and finance, in addition to some areas of HR, such as software and payroll. His responsibilities include invoicing, account receivables, analyzing, and reporting. He also assists with resource planning for AE7 projects.

Ibrahim’s involvement in information technology (IT) and computers is professional as much as it is a passion rooting back to his early years as a student. He has served as the Head of IT for Burt Hill in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE prior to AE7. Upon joining the firm, in addition to his technology-related responsibilities, Ibrahim found that business came naturally to him. He was able to expand his role that now incorporates various financial and HR oversight. Ibrahim manages AE7’s enterprise software, CRM, and data management, in addition to many other internal projects.