Maya Bsaibes

Maya Bsaibes

Principal, Head of Interior Design – Dubai Office


Masters Degree in Architecture (D.E.S.A.) Universite Libanaise Institut des Beaux
Arts, IBA-II, Beirut, Lebanon
Urban Planning and Development – Exercices et Travaux Pratiques – Ecole Nationale
des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, France


Order of Architects & Engineers, Lebanon


Maya is a Principal and Head of Interior Design who believes  that there is no room for an overarching theme in her work, no one “design approach.” Applying one design approach uniformly to all projects ensures that the final design falls short of what could be. She believes that each project takes on its own unique identity and style and must be treated as the distinctive entity that it is. Her love of design stems directly from this belief. Listening in a different way allows her to translate a client’s vision into something that they can see in front of them and experience for themselves.

Maya recognizes the evolution in the responsibility of designers over the years. Rather than creating a space, our designers now craft a complex, multi-faceted experience. They are creating new destinations where people will come together, connect, and interact with one another as well as with their environment. One of Maya’s greatest strengths is reimagining these spaces, addressing how people will come through the space and what will attract them. As she looks at a project from many different perspectives, she sees the whole picture and designs at a level above expectations for any given space.

Maya has been involved in all phases of design, from programming through furniture design and documentation. She has worked on a variety of retail, residential, and hospitality projects.