Michal Sistik

Michal Sistik

Design Director, Head of Bratislava Office


Bachelor of Architecture, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 1995
Master of Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD) Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2003


Registered Architect, Slovak Architects Association


Michal leads the design team at AE7’s Bratislava office and focuses largely on the early stages of AE7 projects, including conceptual design and master planning. Michal establishes and oversees multiple design teams within the architectural studio that work parallel with each other. This allows the office to handle multiple projects simultaneously and deliver efficient and creative results to our clients. Michal oversees the design of these projects, in addition to distributing work and coordinating with other principals.

Michal seeks to constantly develop the skills and abilities of his staff, and places a continual emphasis on the importance of working quickly and flexibly, without sacrificing design quality. He has established an efficient workflow within the studio that allows AE7 to provide the client with a complete and comprehensive representation of the design vision early on.

Throughout his career, Michal has developed a unique ability to offer a personalized design approach in any context. He strives to create unique and interesting facets in all of his designs, from small-scale residential properties to large commercial developments. His wide range of interests beyond architecture supplements his approach to design, and design strategy.

Michal designed and oversaw a multitude of hospitality projects in Slovakia such a luxury ski resort and a film and TV studio development. At AE7, Michal’s expertise has been invaluable on a multitude of large-scale mixed-use, hospitality, commercial, and urban planning projects throughout the MENA region. These projects include the master plan for the Shores of Karbala community in Iraq, and Meydan One, Meydan Beach Hotel, Gate Tower, Deira Islands Master Plan, and the Al Fattan Sky Towers, all in Dubai. Under Michal’s direction, the Bratislava office provides invaluable insight, skill, and vision to AE7’s most successful projects. Michal’s efficiency and talent make him a dynamic and reliable member of AE7’s leadership team.