Net Zero Energy Luxury Tower Uses a Series of Data-Driven Sustainable Design Elements to Reach its Goals

Working in close collaboration with FIVE Holding, an entertainment-led luxury hospitality brand, our team has designed the world’s first true Net Zero Energy (NZE) high rise luxury tower. The project will be the beacon of sustainability without compromising design, functionality, and livability.

In line with FIVE’s brand and identity, the Tower will feature luxury amenities, high-end design, and sustainable operational practices. Yet, it will generate 8 times more energy than other buildings of the same type and support its own power needs through a series of sustainable strategies woven into its design.

8 flagships of sustainable design incorporated into the Luxury Tower include:

  • 3-D corkscrew shape design harnesses air and allows for the natural circulation and ventilation of each of the units.
  • Solar façade that sophisticatedly blankets the building with 12,776 solar PV panels – equating to the size of 5 soccer fields and generating 5,780 MWh of power. The façade will provide 103.1% of the building’s energy demand.
  • Solar panels also provide shading for the glass façade and residential units.
  • Living plant walls on terraces will provide the ability to reflect heat, absorb sounds, and cleanse the air. The overall size of all walls will equate to 4.5 soccer fields in the area and provide additional opportunities for herb and vegetable gardens. The walls will absorb 69,500 kg/year of CO2 and produce 53,700 kg/year of O2.
  • Repurposing water from all the fixtures within the project – capturing, storing, and redistributing grey water for irrigation of the living walls and podium terrace areas.
  • Kinetic floor tiles – located at the entrance of the building as well as on the podium, the tiles generate up to 20 seconds of light for an LED fixture with each step taken.
  • Eco Living practices throughout the building include smart lighting control, solar control glass, non-toxic and non-polluting products, LED light fixtures, indoor air quality, and high-efficiency mechanical systems.
  • BIPV Railings – glass handrails that harness the sun’s energy and generate about 4% of the overall power intake. The glass railing will create 54 KWh per sqm of glass balustrade.

The Tower’s unique shape and design increase the surface area allottable for solar panels and as well façade frontage for all residential units. Crafted to optimize views, greenery, and airflow, this new NZE Tower design for FIVE Holding is shaping the future of vertical luxury hospitality.