The Project Management Office (PMO) Responsibilities


  • Organization program strategy: Research, analyze, review, assist and advise on the development of effective organizational strategies regarding program and project effectiveness;


  • Project management framework: Become a Centre of Excellence for project execution: develop, maintain and continuously improve a common set of project and program management systems, gate review and approval system, methodologies, procedures, standards, governance principles, practices and templates for managing projects in line with best practices and organizational requirements;


  • Project portfolio management: Compile the project portfolio by classifying, selecting and prioritizing projects and programs based on the company strategy and available resources, preparing decision-making support documentation and facilitating decision-making for the portfolio board. Review recommend and report progress to top management on strategic decisions and priorities of projects to be included in the feasibility pipeline, approval for implementation: continue, postpone or cancel.  Manage programs and projects on behalf of the organization, if there is no-one else to do so