84 Lumber Stores

West Palm Beach, FL and various locations

84 Lumber, a brand easily recognized by its red, circular logo and a store easily recognized by its blue, metal siding, has decided to update various retail and warehouse locations. These renovations will include both the interior and exterior.

84 Lumber has contracted AE7 to update several store facades and interiors to re-brand the shopping experience.

West Palm Beach, the owners favorite store location, is the first of the retail sites to take on this re-brand. The idea is to appeal to the younger generation, making the displays of merchandise more user friendly and appealing to the millennials. This store will serve as a trial location, making the decision for more stores to revamp their look.

The Riverhead, NY, store location sat abandoned for several years, occupied by skaters and graffiti-ed. Instead of erasing the identity of its past, the new store design will embrace its past.

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