American Community School

Amman, Jordan

The American Community School in Amman is an international school located in the central urban area in Amman, Jordan. The school has an excellent academic reputation that is in the process of upgrading their facilities to reflect the quality of education that is planning to deliver. The school consists of approximately 540 students with a plan to upgrade their facilities to accommodate 600 students. The student body consists of students from Kindergarten to the 12th grade, with a gymnasium, tennis courts and a warming kitchen. Major additions to the campus are to include a new natatorium, multipurpose auditorium, music and arts program as well as a new elementary classroom wing. Part of the overall school activity planning is to separate certain parts of the school for evening programs, improvements in traffic circulation and upgrading the overall facility safety and security. One of the major planning challenges was to prepare an overall campus phasing plan to keep the school open throughout the several stages of the construction activities.

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