Al Fattan Downtown Towers

Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE

The desire for effortless living and location centric homes by prospective tenants, fostered a need for a sanctuary in the heart of a teeming city. This bespoke residential community is an exclusive urban address for seclusion and relaxation. The three simple glass volumes, that are encased with an elegant exterior structural expression, is the antithesis to the visual cacophony that defines the neighborhood architecture. The stalwart vertical fins circumscribe the exterior façade and shelters the glass enclose from the sun, whilst providing visual privacy for the units. The podium that defines the site is not only a utilitarian necessity for the required parking, but also creates an elevated enclave of respite for the residents with a garden, pool and other community amenities. The balcony concerto along the corners are staccato inflections creating moments of whimsy and exclamation to the architectural opus. The Al Fattan Downtown Towers underlying theme of elegance is continued with minimalist color scheme and material palette complementing a true urban seclusion.

Al Fattan Down Town is a mixed use development project in Al Wasl, Dubai, to be finished in 2018. Each of the three towers contain residential accommodations and retail space. Putting almost anything you could need in a few steps distance.  Tower one houses a mix of two and three bedroom apartments, totaling 130 units.  Tower two of this three tower construct contains only two bedroom apartments.  However, this tower also contains its own retail section, similar to tower one.  Residential tower number three has a total of 145, two and three bedroom units.  Tower three also contains residential amenities such as a gym and health club.

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