Al Maktoum Hospital Site Development

Dubai, UAE

Al Maktoum Hospital was Dubai’s first hospital built in 1951 and was closed in 2009, as newer facilities became available in the city. The redevelopment project is to create a vision that builds on the heritage, culture and legacy of site and the region. The project is about nurturing the aspirations of the people and their accomplishments, whilst retaining their cultural identity and inspired humble origins. The site development opportunities include a heritage Souk, residential, commercial and hospitality components, as well as a healthcare component that will be integrated into the vision to retain the legacy.

The Souk is retained on the original footprint of the hospital and commands a prime vista to the main road. The other components are skillfully woven together with the Souk, utilizing traditional Sikka connectivity to craft a tapestry of passages and vistas, cultivating an urban fabric that is intimate and accessible. This network promotes the historic relationship of the site and the progressive vision to the future.

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