Allegheny Health Network Downtown Medical Center

Pittsburgh, PA

Highmark and Allegheny Health Network (AHN) set out to bring first of its kind medical facility to those residents as well as over 110,000 people who commute downtown for work. The center offers primary care, physical therapy, and general health services.

The 7,700-square-foot Medical Center includes reception areas, 16 examination rooms, x-ray imaging, physical therapy suite, and women’s health care services. It also houses AHN’s executive health and wellness program, a concierge-style program for local business leaders.

Working alongside Highmark’s Workplace Design and Delivery Team, AE7 addressed the challenges of designing a clinic within a ground floor space that was previously a department store. The challenges included high visibility retail windows and a grand ceiling height. Opaque window film was used across the storefront’s large windows and served a dual purpose of providing privacy to the patients on the interior and promotional space for the medical center on the exterior. Due to the existing infrastructure in the tall ceiling space, a catwalk was designed and constructed above the acoustic ceiling. The catwalk helps with mechanical maintenance and provides access to the tall transom windows for additional promotional marketing.

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