Cherrywood Town Centre Mixed-Use Development

Dublin, Ireland

AE7 is working closely with Hines to develop the retail and F&B components of the Cherrywood mixed-use development. AE7 is designing places that define the visitor experience in the town center and create a thriving mixed-use development that installs a strong sense of place.

To craft the customer journey through the site, AE7 analyzed the plans and ultimately advised the client to reconsider overall circulation strategies to improve the customer experience. AE7 further developed the concept of “streets and squares” to refine the plan for food and beverage tenants. Just like walking through the iconic streets of Dublin nearby, AE7’s plan creates destinations and intrigue throughout the town center.

Cherrywood’s F&B destinations feature a variety of dining and healthy eating options. The Tully’s Food Hall is an Irish-pub style with 15 tenants and 2 bars that can accommodate up to 750 visitors/seats. The conservatory is a deconstructed street of restaurants with 12 casual F&B tenants and 9 premium restaurants. Finally, the Welcome Square is an essential retail destination that features a total of 5 food and beverage tenants located around an organic grocer and ‘click & collect’ hub.

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