Dubai Water Canal – Pedestrian Bridge 1

Dubai, UAE

The first of three pedestrian bridges – the Safa Bridge – is a suspension bridge with Y shaped piers which stand 25 meters/82 feet high at it’s tallest point. The pathway is 6 meters/20 feet wide for pedestrians, and the bridge is suspended 8.5 meters/28 feet above the water which allows for complete navigational clearance beneath it along the canal.

The  bridge draws inspiration from the region’s Bedouin Heritage (nomadic Arab culture) and history of trading and fishing on the regional waterways. With Y-shaped piers and
suspension cables, reminiscent of the tensile fabrics of nomadic tents and the masts as well as rigging of the Dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel. This suspension bridge spans the canal with a 200’ wide and 28’ high navigational envelope, respectful of the past, but looking towards the future.

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