Dubai Water Canal – Pedestrian Bridge 3

Dubai, UAE

The third of three pedestrian bridges – the Jumeirah 2 Bridge – is a unique bridge supported by a twisting truss. The bridge is representative of the future and the dynamic vision of Dubai as intrinsically tied to the notion of “tomorrow.” With a kaleidoscope-like twisting truss that envelopes the bridge path, pedestrians experience a highly ethereal passage from one canal bank to the other. The kinetic movement of the bridge has become a destination landmark, as it speaks to an exciting future for the culture, landscape and built environment of Dubai. Both aesthetically pleasing and structural in nature, the bridge is composed of a twisting section measuring 20 x 20 feet and 460’ long. The bridge is clad with a series of aluminum frames that offer sun protection as well as privacy for both pedestrians and residents onshore. The frames prevent them from seeing one another when viewed from an oblique angle during the passage across, but allow ample views when looking directly towards or away from downtown.

The bridge is suspended 8.5 meters/28 feet above the water which allows for complete navigational clearance beneath it along the canal.

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