Emirates Palace Yacht Club

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Emirates Palace Yacht Club is located on the marina of the exquisite 7 star Emirates Palace Hotel. The Yacht Club will serve the hotel and all surrounding neighborhoods on the main island of Abu Dhabi. The Yacht Club will provide berths for over 200 yachts with space available for the smallest to the largest of yachts.

A boardwalk along the side of the Marina will open up plenty of retail space for visitors to enjoy the Yacht club, which will include spaces over the water for dining and relaxation. Impressive mechanically operated panels throughout the marina arcade will ensure that visitors are able to enjoy a refreshing outdoor experience during the winter months, and a cool air conditioned comfort during the summer months. The upper deck of the club will provide members with a fantastic view of the entire marina and the Emirates Palace hotel in the distance. An exclusive spa and swimming pool, and fitness facilities for club members is available on the upper deck of the club.

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