Jumeirah Beach Park

Dubai, UAE

The Jumeirah Beach Park development is an extension of the existing Jumeirah Beach, through the formation of a peninsula that will result in adding one extra kilometer to the beach at the park. The park rests at the mouth of the Dubai Canal and is linked to other attractions along the canal such as the newly redeveloped Safa Park. Visitors can reach both attractions on foot along dedicated boardwalk pathways build alongside the canal. There are 5 water taxi stations nearby the park, with the park being the final stop, which will allow easy access to and from the park.

Jumeirah Beach Park will have a wide variety of activities which will suit anyone’s taste. It comes complete with many facilities including showers, changing rooms, toilets, and a sports facilities office. There is dedicated spaces for popular beach sports such as Volleyball and Football. Families will be able to enjoy their time in a picnic area, and also included is a water sports area for kayaking, surfing, flyboards, among other water sports.

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