Keystone Green Mixed-Use Development

Nashville, TN

Spanning over multiple city blocks in a premium midtown location, Keystone Green is mixed-use development tailored to address the needs of young knowledge workers looking for an affordable urban lifestyle. This new district will be a rich, vibrant, engaging experience, with memorable destinations and a 24-hour community. The development will reconnect the now largely underutilizes areas to the booming mid-town with urban streetscape, corner cafes, sidewalk storefronts, and open spaces.

The program will feature office, residential, hospitality, retail, and F&B components. To tie these elements together, entertainment, landscape, and parking will be incorporated into the program. An old factory building will undergo adaptive reuse into a community use building to include studios, creative arts, and F&B components. The Pavilion, Public Square, and 35th Street Green will offer open green areas for public use and enjoyment. The development is planned to create innovate, and create.

The streetscape is designed for community engagement and enjoyment. The layout promotes pedestrian connectivity and prioritizes walking.

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