King Fahad Park

Dammam, KSA

Built in the early 90’s and reaching the end of its lifecycle, AE7 stepped in to give King Fahad Park the update it needed.  King Fahad Park is currently the largest public park in Saudi Arabia, spread out over 100 hectares of land.  Syiaha, a local developer group, leased the land from the city municipality with the intent to revitalize the still functional parts of the park and develop of completely new set of activities, such as shopping, food, resorts and offices.

The entire park was re-planned to take it from a deteriorating plot of land and bring it into the new millennium, to make it active, assessable and enjoyable to families and visitors.  With a new masterplan, the park is now aimed at providing a healthy lifestyle to its local population, while still allowing for opportunities to shop, relax and entertain.

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