Meydan One Mall

The Meydan One Mall is an exceptional new shop-play-dine destination. It combines shopping, leisure and entertainment in one elegant, unforgettable district that truly elevates the traditional shopping experience.

With over 650 units of chain, boutique and high-end stores, Meydan offers something for every shopper and every style – yet shopping is just the beginning of the Meydan experience. More than a hundred restaurants, cafés and food kiosks are located throughout the mall, offering many flavors of culinary delights. Diners and shoppers can also be entertained by the sights and sounds of the largest dancing fountain in the world.

Shoppers will meander through Meydan One Mall and enjoy the unique districts within the mall. Central Canyon, a 1,315-square foot long retail gallery, features high-end luxury brands and breathtaking views of the Dubai Water Canal, the majestic dancing fountain, and to the south, a clear water lagoon.

For the adventurer, Meydan One Mall offers countless sports-themed events and activities, including indoor football, basketball, volleyball, squash, racquetball, paddleball, table tennis, badminton, indoor cricket, mixed martial arts, boxing, and softball. Even extreme sports enthusiasts can find their place at the BMX course, skateboarding park, or the rock climbing wall. Finally, spanning over half a mile, Meydan One Mall will lead visitors to the world’s longest indoor ski slope.

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