Motor City High Street

Dubai, UAE

As part of the MotorCity master plan, a main street retail and commercial spine was created to provide a 3-kilometer long active corridor for the destination development. This grand boulevard was inspired by the classic promenades of Europe like the Champs Elyses, drawing from their principal of street cross-section and building proportions. On the center of the spine is the Champion’s Plaza, a grand gesture and main entrance to the racetrack during race day, when the street becomes animated with spectators and carnival spirit. High Street retail strategy was based on the critical mixture of the “Synergy Triad” of Generator, Inducer and Extender, to ensure customer activity and retail success. In addition to traditional F&B and retail outlets, Boutique Hotels and Signature Restaurants were strategically located at key junctures to enhance the environment and provide a touch of class to the boulevard. AE7 partners were involved in this project as the managing and design Directors of Burt Hill’s UAE offices, and managed the Client and team on a daily basis.

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