Mount Nebo Resort

Mount Nebo, Jordan

Aiming to provide a destination development of low impact attractions, Mount Nebo is trying to shift the standards of the tourism industry for Jordan.  The goal of this destination development is to attract regional tourists and to redefine visitation cycles for the religious sites around Mount Nebo.

The key to this project’s success lies in the unique position of the site as it is conveniently located equidistance to Mount Nebo, the Baptismal Site and the Dead Sea.  The landscape that surrounds the site provides unique opportunities for boutique accommodations that combine Nabatean motifs with contemporary concepts, aiding in creating an international destination.

Taking advantage of Jordan’s history, religious tourism, heritage and beautiful surrounding nature, the main objectives of the Mount Nebo Development are to increase tourism in Jordan, improve the GDP, provide new job opportunities, decrease unemployment and elevate worldwide awareness of Jordan.

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