Mustaqbal City Master Plan

Baghdad, Iraq

Reaching its cultural, literary and economic peaks during the 13th century, the development of the Al Mustaqbal City is a contemporary development that will aim to usher in a “second” Golden Age for the city.  During its peak, Al Mustaqbal City provided the roots for modern philosophy, science, mathematics and medicine.

The new city is located on the outskirts of the Baghdad Governate.  The development was planned with an overlay of grids that look to the past with a defined axis to the ziggurat and an axis with visual vista to the city’s Shrine.  Signifying the region’s importance as the cradle of civilization and a reminder of the city’s religious prominence.  The grid is derived from a network of existing irrigation canals, revealing the city’s agricultural roots as well as creating a green network and providing cooling water elements to contrast the harsh climate.

The 14-square kilometer development is a mixed-use, residential community, providing retail, entertainment, commercial, education and healthcare opportunities for the western end of the city.

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