NUMO 2.0 Tech Incubator

Pittsburgh, PA

Less than two years after AE7’s successful completion of a 3,300 SF office for NUMO, a fintech incubator, the company has undergone rapid growth and engaged AE7 to design their new expanded office space. NUMO 2.0 totals 12,000 SF and occupies the second and third floors of the historical Stevenson Building, a 130-year-old masonry building with an exposed steel structure. The client fell in love with the character of the building and welcomed the opportunity AE7 presented to integrate a clean tech space with the character of the original building elements. The exposed steel became a feature of the office and the original brick walls were left unaltered throughout. The design enhanced the visual connections between spaces and the outdoors by orienting program and circulation on axis with windows, brick portals, and glass wall systems.

As ‘makers of ideas,’ NUMO wanted their physical space to represent the essence of a maker space. The client wanted to see how the physical backbone of the office functioned – as a result, the new mechanical and electrical infrastructure were left exposed to reveal the layering of systems. AE7 further developed a strategic solution to visually organize sprinkler pipes, ductwork, cable trays, and lighting within tight ceiling height constraints, while keeping them exposed and visually appealing. The design resulted in an active atmosphere that inspires creativity and innovation.

To promote collaboration and openness, AE7 introduced an atrium space with a new connecting stair and exposed masonry lookout. The open-plan office environment accommodates 60 employees and offers multiple team rooms and flex spaces to enhance the client’s collaborative workflow. The team rooms are located on the perimeter of the building maximizing staff’s exposure to natural light and outdoors.

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