NUMO Technology Incubator

Pittsburgh, PA

NUMO is the launch of a fintech incubator looking for collaborative and flexible space to facilitate their research and development. Fintech is an emerging trend in technology, used to support and enable the banking and financial services sector. NUMO’s model assembles small teams, primarily academics, with innovative ideas to build consumer and enterprise software. The office design aimed to promote the start-up company, attract new talent, and foster their research and development.

NUMO is a flexible open office organized into three zones: the public entry zone, the work zone, and the social zone, each serving a dual purpose for independent work and collaborative interaction. The entry zone is a welcome area with custom wood detailed furniture that also lends itself to a lounge area for employees. The reception desk is designed open on both sides allowing for impromptu dialogue. The central work zone offers a visual connection between three high tech conference rooms and the flexible workstations. The conference room walls are magnetic and writeable back-painted glass surfaces with large smart monitors for presentations and work sharing. The social zone is focused around the centrally located kitchen islands that serve as an open gathering place for meetings, presentations, and after hour social functions. A large video display wall facilitates the technological aspect of both work and play, allowing for wireless connectivity for major presentations, as well as digital and social media information relevant to NUMO.

A unifying design feature is the undulating wood baffle ceiling created with parametric design software and digital fabrication. The curving spline flows through the space, threading together the zones and their functions.

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