Shams Ar Riyadh – Residential Gated Community

Riyadh, KSA

Shams Al Riyadh is a contemporary residential development that located north-west on the outskirts of the city of Riyadh. The plan of this community builds on the establishment of a series of continuous landscape tissues within the development. This generates public and recreational activities and results in an uninterrupted series of pedestrian and cycling routes. Primary landscape corridors are aligned with the prevailing wind direction allowing a breeze of cool air to funnel through and create a cooler micro-climate within the development. The layout of villas and townhouses follows two general strategies. The first one maximizes the North/South exposure of the residences and the other capitalizes on the adjacency to the Wadi. The entry sequence responds to certain security requirements before the arrival at a palm tree promenade that marks the entry to the compound and sets the mood to the calmer, more private environment.

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