Solid Enterprise Studios

Bratislava, Slovakia

Solid Enterprise Studios is a film and television studio as well as post-production technology center located in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Studios will host a number of community initiatives, providing organization and support for cultural, social, and educational events. Slovakia’s central location, beautiful landscapes, and easy access to a number of central European cities make Bratislava an ideal location for film production.

The site area totals 73.5 acres/30 hectares — 633,000 SF/59,000 SM of which is built space. The design provides ample room and all the necessary components for the studios and remains flexible for future growth. The studio’s building façades are designed with lively exterior details that add dimension and interest while maintaining functionality. The site also houses an exhibition hall with 4 F&B outlets, a recreation park featuring an amphitheater for 2,500 people, an open-air area for 5,000 people, a botanical garden, a lake, and a beach.

The studios will feature multiple sound stages for shooting films and an outdoor creative park for exterior film production. A technological center for post-production processes will also be located onsite. In addition to production spaces, the facility will include actor dressing rooms, administration offices, wardrobe storage and design, a cinema, a film school, student residences, and a social space.

Project leaders hope that the studios will bring more international attention to Slovakia’s creative and film industry. The goal date for project completion is 2024.

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