The Corniche, Abu Dhabi, UAE

W10 project is a unique project implementing the urban vision of a fast growing Abu Dhabi city. The prime goal of the project was to provide connectivity between the beach, a commercial zone and an urban mix-use city. This threshold experience elevates the quality of the existing Corniche green belt and at the same time providing easy, convenient and safe access to newly rediscovered beaches of Abu Dhabi.

Overall planning of the project was done with close coordination with the Urban Planning Counsel of Abu Dhabi, embracing the Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan.  The project design is unifying development for the W10 parcel community by the use of all landscape elements, from planting materials and planting character, to site furnishings and appropriate placement, and cohesive hardscape pedestrian circulation. The overall Linear Park Plaza encourages pedestrian connectivity to the larger Corniche Open Space Network and adjacent parcels and allowing the visitors areas for rest and recreation.

The open space shall be urban park in character, utilizing a mixture of hardscape, planters of turf and groundcover, fountains, and shaded areas, using both shade trees and shade structures.  Surrounding the structure, there shall be a series of smaller spaces designed to serve as outdoor venues, such as courtyards for the various proposed F&B outlets and a 700 car parking garage structure. The Plazas shall encourage user activities suitable for the urban environment.

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