Winterberg Conference Center

Winterberg, Germany

In designing the outdoor spaces to expand a historic educational center in the winter ski town of Winterberg, AE7 created simple, elegant landscaping to bridge the building’s old and new wings. The client, the government agency Knappschaft-Bahn-See, sought a design that would flexibly accommodate their many programs aimed at ensuring residents’ health and wellbeing. In response, AE7 transformed a courtyard into a relaxing, harmonious space that reflects the long, linear buildings around it. Rows of colorful plantings are framed by cool gray pavers and built-in seating, resulting in a multifunctional open space that is aesthetically pleasing, ecologically friendly, and easy to maintain year-round. Behind the new building, AE7 created a lush meadow that restores habitat and frames the vista over the mountains from the building’s patio.

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