Zabeel Feed Mill

Dubai, UAE

The 10,000 sqm development, located on Dubai-Al Ain highway, consists of a new animal feed production facility that is designed to produce highest grade international standard horse and camel feed to service both performance and stock animals. Moreover, bird feed will be produced as a byproduct of the two primary service lines.

Located strategically, this development will be capable of conveniently servicing Dubai and all the neighboring emirates if need be. Heading towards Al Ain on the Dubai-Al Ain highway, you will find this development on your left hand side just across the highway from the Dubai Camel Racing Club down from Al-Lesaili exit.  The initial design will occupy 50% of the 500m x 500m land. The other half of the land is saved for a provisional expansion to double the already massive output capability of 756 tons per day to 1512 tons per day.

In order to meet international standards, product separation as well as control and testing will be carefully integrated into the facility. On the other hand, the architectural design reflects the high quality of product as well as provides a quality environment for employees, customers, and visitors alike. Landscaping has been accommodated where possible in the design in order to reinforce the natural nature of the products produced. The orientation of the building has been considered as well in order to have better control over the heat gain, cross ventilation and natural light penetration. Facility accommodation and amenities will be provided within the development to accommodate 50 people in both individual and group units.

Zabeel Feed development was carefully designed to work in harmony internally within its facility, with the external and surrounding environment, and last but not least, produce the highest quality grade feed for performance and stock animals.

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