AE7’s Approach to Sustainability

Through the use of industry tools, material research, best practices and community partnerships, AE7 strives to be a leader in sustainable environments. AE7 is committed to incorporating Green Building and Sustainable Design in our projects. Our team includes LEED accredited Architects and Interior Designers that are familiar with the goals of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and use these resources to design environmentally responsible and resource efficient buildings.  The construction industry is one of the biggest waste producers on the planet and Architects can play a role in curbing that waste. AE7 utilizes specifications to describe how to control construction waste and specifies products that can be sustainably harvested, recycled or reused.

When incorporating sustainability into our work we focus on energy efficiency, sustainable site planning, water efficiency, conservation of materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality. Utilizing energy modelling, daylighting studies, and specifying energy saving mechanical and electrical systems are the best solutions to creating an energy efficient building. A life cycle analysis done by AE7 can help a client understand that a new environmentally sound system may cost more now, but will pay them back in energy savings in the near future. Our approach concentrates on planning, designing, constructing and managing projects from a more sustainable perspective rather than checking items off of the certification requirements list. Education and community groups are also valuable in remaining up to date with the technology trends and practices. Learning about the latest sustainable materials and construction practices is something AE7’s employees do regularly through our membership with the Green Building Alliance and Continuing Education Courses. How buildings use energy efficiently is paramount.

Our decision is to focus more on the challenges our projects face and working to better accommodate the people and the environment rather than working toward LEED certification. With sustainability becoming the design norm, we are incorporating many Green concepts into our work to better interior and exterior surroundings for occupants which allows us to work with the client to achieve these sustainable goals without pushing certain ideas to achieve certification.

Sustainability is about the future and AE7 will remain invested in the movement to create a better built environment for the world’s posterity.

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