AE7 is a multi-disciplinary design firm built to be a truly global organization. Discover our culture or apply for one of the open positions.

Professional Development

At AE7 we believe in an individualized approach to career growth. By being attentive to each team member’s strengths and aspirations, we nurture and support meaningful personalized development. We emphasize both technical and professional development through mentorship programs, skill-building seminars and trainings, and “Perspectives” sessions that encourage staff to share latest design innovations and experiences. We firmly believe in rewarding performance as well as experience, and the seniority- and merit-based paths for career advancement at AE7 reflect this ethos.

Design Focused Practice

AE7 is committed to developing innovative ideas through creativity, research, and collaboration while sourcing input from team members at all career stages. We actively cultivate an array of perspectives by embracing cross-office and interregional collaboration whether in person or through cutting-edge technology. Team members can contribute to projects across a wide range of scales, market sectors, and geographical contexts, allowing individuals to expand their horizons and grow as well-rounded creative professionals.

Collaborative Culture

With offices in North America, the Middle East, and Europe, AE7’s culture reflects its ability to adapt to distinct social contexts. While prioritizing our staff’s wellbeing, we provide a flexible workplace wherein every employee is respected and free to openly express their perspective. AE7’s leadership maintains a hand-on approach in order to remain accessible and mentor staff, and this openness sets the tone for a vibrant office environment brimming with cross-collaboration, camaraderie, and shared sense of purpose. Together we comprise a thriving community that above all values integrity and creativity.


With staff from over forty countries, AE7 is a truly international firm—not simply a firm operating internationally. Bringing distinct perspectives,  cultures, habits, and knowledge to the table is a prerequisite for conceiving of innovative ideas, which is why we are committed to continuing to build an inclusive varied workplace that welcomes people from all backgrounds. This ensures that AE7’s design will continue to promote and embrace cultural diversity.

Open Positions

  • Location

  • Career Type

Jacksonville, FL, USA

AE7's Jacksonville Office is looking for a variety of talented Senior Interior Designers and Interior Architects. Preferred candidates will have expertise in one or more of the following fields and/or have a good foundation in the general practice of multiple project types.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

This position holds responsibility for the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and digital construction procedures. This includes, but is not limited to software, the development, implementation, and enforcement of standards, monitoring the firms process for improvements, providing internal support and training, and working with outside consultants.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

AE7 is looking for a Visualizer/3D Artist to work on a variety of projects, presentations, and design challenges.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

AE7 is looking for talented Interior Designers and Interior Architects.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

Our Jacksonville office is looking for a variety of Senior Architects to work on domestic and/or international work.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

AE7 is looking for a variety of well-rounded Graduate to Junior Architects to work on domestic and international work opportunities.

Dubai, UAE

AE7 Dubai is looking for a Senior Electrical Design Engineer to work on international projects. Preferred candidates will have experience with projects of various sizes and scale.

Riyadh, KSA

AE7 is hiring a Junior-level “Assistant Project Manager” in our Riyadh Office to be part of our team and for assignment on current projects which allow for a direct interaction with clients, authorities and external consultants on the ground.