Master Planning

Master planning is the process of crafting an experience that merges art and science to realize the visions and aspirations of our clients.  It is a framework for how a location can grow and change.  Thriving and bustling cities of the past are often held as examples of master planning.  Today, cities are changing faster than ever before and the make-up of our societies are different.  Land allocation is utilized in more efficient ways, structures have more flexible spaces and technological advancements are expanding the limits of what design can do.  A master plan addresses the global strategic objectives, as well as market sector analysis and impact for the success of the development.  This is in conjunction with a realistic economic feasibility study that represents the distinct programs in the master plan.  After defining the audience, a master planning expert is able to create and ensure a commercially and economically viable development that is vibrant and sustainable.

AE7 has several designers with a strong portfolio of master planning experience.  To learn about our selected experts, please visit their biographies to the right.