Elevated garden terraces and wind mitigation for Entisar Tower

This white paper examines AE7’s use of landscape and architectural elements as a solution to the challenge of achieving proper wind mitigation in a super-tall case study, the Entisar Tower in Dubai.

Entisar Tower is a 121-floor residential tower scheduled to be completed for the Dubai 2020 Expo. At a height of more than 1,732 feet (528 meters), Entisar will rank worldwide among the twenty tallest towers and will be the tallest purely residential tower. The exterior garden terraces are some of its most significant design features. Serving as recreational and communal spaces, outdoor terraces are located on the roofs of the parking garage and levels 7, 55, 72, 91 and 110. Each amenity landscaped terrace is unique in its layout and exposure. This presented challenges for deterring winds at minimal impact to the tower’s aesthetics. To view and/or download the article detailing Elevated Garden Terraces and Wind Mitigation for Entisar Tower, please click the link below: