City of Pittsburgh is to receive $1.4M in federal grant to study Route 65 barrier of Manchester and Chateau

As a result of a $1.4 million Federal grant, the Manchester Citizens Corp. will get a major boost in its long-term goal of reestablishing a connection with the Ohio riverfront and the neighboring community of Chateau. When built, the highway essentially created a wall between Manchester and Chateau neighborhoods that caused negative economic impact. The grant is designated to study how to overcome the highway blockade of Route 65 through the Pittsburgh’s North Side, while allowing safe and convenient travel for commuters.

The funds will come from the newly created Reconnecting Communities Pilot (RCP) grant program designed to help urban neighborhoods that have been disconnected by highway construction.

The effort will be key to connecting Esplanade mixed-use development, planned on the Ohio riverfront, back to Manchester and improving pedestrian connectivity, access to the waterfront, and public transit for all.

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