How building owners, tenants, and designers can work together to rethink the office post pandemic

As businesses settle deeper into the work-from-home life, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine what a return to the office will look like post-COVID. Normal day-to-day operations will be replaced by a demand to prioritize cleanliness and limit the spread of disease, but a clean building involves more than just a few conveniently-placed bottles of hand sanitizer; it demands a comprehensive understanding of how to use materials, technology, and design to safeguard high traffic spaces from becoming viral and bacterial hot spots.

In the return to work, businesses are tasked with transforming their spaces into cleaner environments that prioritize health. Though there are some steps building owners and tenants can take independently, collaboration between building owners, tenants, and designers will enable tenants and building owners to maximize the use of their existing spaces without compromising design, vision, and brand identity.