District 7 – Roads & Infrastructure

Dubai, UAE

District 7 (D-7) is a mixed-use Transit Oriented Development and is planned for a population of approximately 66,000 residents. This project is especially unique as it has brought large national stakeholders such as Etihad Rail, and the Dubai local transportation authority (RTA) together to achieve HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision of placing Dubai in a strategic position for the 2020 Expo.

D-7 will be a lifestyle development where residents can live, shop, and work all within walking distance to various amenities.  A pedestrian friendly retail-shopping area based on the concept of the old souq will be incorporated into the design and will feature high class retailers, all within a 5 minute walk. D-7 will provide residents and rail commuter’s convenient access to Meydan’s unique hospitality and cultural destinations as well being only a 10 minute drive away from downtown Dubai. D-7 features the very conveniently located Etihad passenger rail which will eventually link Dubai with Abu Dhabi one way, and Ras al Khaimah the other. Most GCC countries will eventually be linked to the Etihad rail, which will provide a unique alternative mode of domestic and international transport, as well as greater connectivity throughout the region.

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