Meydan One

Dubai, UAE

Meydan One has been envisioned as “A Place for Everyone”. The development is strategically positioned within the heart of Mohammed Bin Rashid City, and offers excellent accessibility via automobile, public transport, water taxi, and internal transit systems. Paths, specifically for jogging and cycling, have been integrated within Meydan One as well as a boardwalk that runs along the continuous Meydan One water canal. Meydan One will be home to a population of 78,000 residents, approximately a quarter of the entire Mohammed Bin Rashid City population that will include 310,000 residents.

The Meydan One development has been designed to become an urban, vibrant, and mixed-use district that incorporates all aspects of the Dubai lifestyle. Four hotels will be located within the development, each with its own unique style and experience. Also featured is the longest indoor ski slope in the world, spanning 1.2km from top to bottom, and ending alongside a water park directly outside the walls of the ski facility. Dubai One tower, standing at 711m tall will be the tallest residential tower in the world and soar over the development. All of this contributes to a truly unique experience for visitors that can only be found in Meydan One.


Key project components within the Meydan One development:

  • Dubai One Tower
  • Meydan Marina
  • Smart Fountain
  • Civic Plaza
  • Meydan One Mall
  • Lagoon with turquoise water lagoon and a beach
  • Heritage Village
  • Ski Slope
  • Water Park
  • New Town Residential
  • D1 Park
  • Five Hotels – 4 to 5 star

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