Dubai Water Canal

Dubai, UAE

The existing Dubai Creek historically divided Dubai into two main sections; Deira and Bur Dubai. This body of water proved to be too deep to be cleaned naturally, creating an environmental need for change. This issue was proposed to be corrected by connecting the Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf via the canal, creating the development of the Dubai Water Canal Project.

This development includes three bodies of water: the 1.8 mile Canal that connects Business Bay to the Gulf Bay, and the connection to Safa Park which brings the beach experience inland.

Included in the design of the Canal Project are various green networks. These networks allow pedestrians complete autonomy from vehicular traffic. The green networks connect through the parks, residential buildings, shopping and boardwalks and flow onto and through the building and above vehicular routes to create a truly unique destination experience.

This master plan constructs harmonious connectivity to a diverse mix of uses and adjacent developments, whether it be by foot, by car or by boat.


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