Sofitel Palm Jumeirah

Dubai, UAE

Located on the prestigious crescent of the Palm Jumeirah Island with a panoramic view of the Gulf and coast of Dubai, lies the spirit of the Polynesian islands. The 362 key hotel with 182 serviced apartments were inspired by the exotic beauty of the island nations of Tahiti and Fiji, and draws upon its mystical splendor to recreate a luxurious island resort 7 kilometers from the coast. The Polynesian thatched roof vernacular is translated into an intoxicating blend of natural stone, exotic wood and reed roof that redefines the tropical 5-star resort archetype. The resort artistically dances with the flow of spaces between interior and exterior, blurring the boundaries and delivering a sensual explosion of experiences to the guest. Like the island beauty it emulates the hotel public spaces delight the senses with a tapestry of exotic flora, from green walls to hedges in the lobby. This interior landscape motif continues into the gardens of the hotel ground, with lagoons and streams complementing the island theme. AE7 partners were involved in this project as the managing and design Directors of Burt Hill’s UAE offices, and managed the Client and team on a daily basis.

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