The Shops at Centerfield

Seoul, South Korea

The Shops at Centerfield is a food and leisure destination in the heart of the trendy Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea. The urban locale is thoughtfully populated with restaurants and cafes, where people can come together to dine, meet up, or simply hang out. Connecting Centerfield towers, it is the place to be for affluent professionals, residents, and visitors in downtown Seoul. The space transitions effortlessly from daytime to evening, extending the dining experience into days, nights, and weekends.

The design transforms the existing central underground space of this major transit route into an experience, creating a sophisticated atmosphere with modern design and classic elements. The design styles are inspired by the energy and diversity of the city. A mixture of metals, mirrors, and lights are reminiscent of the sparkling city streets and seamlessly tie the space to its urban surroundings. The individual character of the restaurants is expressed through storefronts, keeping the restaurant interiors open and visually connected to the overall experience.

The focus of the design was creating “a space that comes with a purpose.” The Shops not only serves the two connecting towers but also invites everyone in the surrounding area to make the space their own. With an upscale, refined atmosphere and something to offer anyone at any time of day, the popular destination is “MY FAVORITE SPOT IN THE CITY.”

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