One Deira – Transit Oriented Development

Deira, Dubai


Deira Enrichment Transportation Hub Project is located in the heart of the Deira District. Nestled between the existing urban fabric of the old city and the vibrant Creek Waterfront, the area is overflowing with history as a tribute to the tradition of trade in the country. The development is the first fully integrated Transit-Oriented Development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), minimizing the need for cars, easing the flow of goods and people in an already congested area, and enhancing access to all RTA-operated services. It encompasses 400,000 sqft, including all RTA Metro services, a bus terminal, a 3-star hotel, an office building, taxi stands, and a podium parking garage.

Built atop a fully operational Palm Deira Metro Station, development is a unique engineering marvel.

The structural framework of the building is carefully crafted following existing conditions of the underground structures, where the design was limited to the specific structural grid, design loads, and significant operational constraints. As a result, the project components are conveniently interconnected, allowing travelers, residents, office workers, and hotel guests to flow freely between various development parts.

As eloquently said by Issam Galadari, Director and CEO of Ithra Dubai, for the Gulf News article: “Upgrading and complementing Dubai’s oldest urban area, the landmark development encapsulates the city’s vision of sustainability, innovation, and mobility with an eye on the legacy.”

AE7 architects and engineers performed planning, design, and construction supervision for this development.

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