Braddock Square Shopping Center

Lavale, MD

Braddock Square is a large shopping center with a small outparcel retail building. The building’s façade dates back to the 90’s and was in need of renovation. The client requested AE7 to develop two design schemes for a shell renovation: contemporary style, unique to the shopping center and the surrounding town, and a more traditional style, in keeping with the look and feel of the adjacent mall structures.

AE7 went beyond considering solely the shell enclosure or the two schemes. We studied the site from an overall planning approach including options for modifying the surrounding parking area and maximizing the space to introduce outside gathering spaces without compromising the parking quantities. Additionally, in lieu of just the two schemes requested, AE7 explored five designs with varied materials and creative applications. We challenged the use of the small building by capturing rooftop space and provided access to it from both an interior grand stair as well as an exterior façade feature.

The client was concerned with material selection from a maintenance point of view. AE7 explored composite materials and metal panels with long life cycles. We also incorporated signage into the building design and landscape features. As a result, the design didn’t only address the shell of the building, but also took into consideration the experience and presence of the existing facility.

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